Michael Vrska

Michael Vrska photoMichael Vrska is the Global Director of Golf R&D for Wilson Sporting Goods. 
He leads the design and development for all Wilson Staff golf clubs, golf balls and related components. 
This position allows him to make frequent trips to Asia, Europe and throughout the United States. 
Michael holds 16 patents and has been quoted in numerous magazine articles, as well as serving as a featured speaker on radio shows and at consumer conferences. 
After working in the steel industry for six years, Michael has spent the last 14 years designing clubs for the average golfer, as well as some of the best players in the world.
He earned a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue Calumet.

Michael’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience: “My time at PUC set the stage for a career that I love.  The greatest thing that I learned at Purdue Calumet was the ability to think and solve problems, and not just what equation to use when.  That ability has helped me gain the confidence to take on new challenges, learn from the times I have failed, and make great career strides when I have succeeded.”

Michael’s advice to current Purdue Calumet students: “Students need to make every effort to find a job they are passionate about; something they are proud to do.  Getting up every day and being excited to get to work, excited to see how they can apply what they have learned, and excited about what they can accomplish, will serve them very well in their careers and throughout their lives.”