Konstantina Sotiroglou Maginas

Konstantina SotiroglouKonstantina Sotiroglou Maginas is from Athens, Greece. I came to the United States 13 years ago. I found Purdue Calumet to be a natural choice to pursue my chemistry degree.  I found Purdue Calumet as a natural choice because I am a mother of two daughters, Sophie and Thalina. Purdue Calumet is very close to my house. It is economical and provides excellent learning. I graduated with my chemistry degree in May of 2007 and with my master degree in engineering two years later. Even though I was not able to speak English perfectly, I was able to complete my dreams and hopes with the help of the faculty and staff of the Chemistry and Physics Department.

Before my graduation with my BS, I was working as a food chemist at a food industry.  My research background was in inorganic Chemistry with Dr. Joseph Bularzick. I was working as a lab assistant my second year also in organic with Dr. Libbie Pelter. As a graduate student, I taught chemistry 115 and 116 labs. I have also taught physics and I am continuing to teach the non-science classes of physics and chemistry. My current position is the supervisor of a chemistry department at DonLevy Laboratories. I am trying to bring back to the class my work experience and everyday’s examples of the chemistry’s importance in our lives. I will honor always the chemistry and physics department of Purdue University Calumet because it gave me the opportunity to become a successful professional. I am now pursuing my PhD in Education.

Konstantina’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience:
“I believe that my success came from my interaction with the approachable professors in the department and the small size class which can provide an excellent opportunity of learning.  My professors not only guided me in the science field but also provided me a deep understanding in critical thinking and they empowered me to be a critical person in all the aspects of life.”

Konstantina’s advice for current Purdue Calumet students:
“To the current students I would advise them: “Never do something you do not love. It does not matter how much it pays.  If you do not love it, it will not pay off”. Especially to the students in the science major, I would advise them, “Research makes you an expert at what you are doing and will prepare you for the business world.”