John Giobbi

John GiobbiJohn Giobbi (Bend, OR)
ounder & CEO of Proxense

Biographical Information

John graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Purdue University Calumet in 1985 – curriculum focus, Systems (the first such graduating class offered by the university). Throughout his career, he has also gained significant experience in U.S. & international intellectual property (IP) process and litigation. He has been named as sole inventor on 30+ issued patents, and managed/co-developed over 100 additional filings. Having spent 40+ years in the Chicago area, he now resides in Bend, Oregon with his wife and two children. John is a private pilot, and enjoys the beautiful high-desert environment of Central-Oregon.

Before graduating from Purdue, John founded Prelude Technology Corp. (PTC) where he served as President from 1985-1995. A software development and integration house, products ranged from simulation/modeling systems, to what became an industry-leading telephone call-center processing system. In 1989, John/PTC developed and patented a wireless computer input device enabling users to interact with their software/computers in virtual 3D space. The technology was eventually spun off as InPen Corp., and later sold to a major video game developer.

From 1995-2001, John served as Vice President of Development & Engineering for WMS Gaming, Inc. in Chicago [NYSE:WMS], a leading international developer, manufacturer, and supplier of casino and lottery gaming devices.  John served on WMS’ Corporate Executive Committee, chaired its Corporate Vision Committee, and was intricately involved in business, licensing, and strategic-growth planning. Overseeing development of all products, he managed an annual budget exceeding $30 million, and a staff of over 200. He personally established the Australian development arm, and enabled WMS’ growth into South African, South American, and European markets. During John’s tenure, the Company’s share of the video gaming market grew by over 35% as a result of award-winning products, and innovative branding initiatives.  As a result, the Company’s market capitalization grew from $80 million to over $1 billion, and today, WMS is one of the most successful game content and machine providers in the industry. John helped establish, and then served two years on the board of, what is now the gaming industry’s primary technical standards organization, Gaming Standards Association (GSA).

John is currently CEO of Proxense, an Oregon-based developer of proximity-based technologies and products. John founded the Company in 2001, spending four years building its initial IP portfolio, until in 2005, hiring the individual (who is now Proxense’s CTO) responsible for having developed XM Satellite Radio’s digital technology. Today, Proxense’s senior team includes all three of the key developers behind XM’s technology. Proxense’s innovative wireless sensing technology, TruProx™, and its network infrastructure/applications platform, ProxNET™, enable proximity-based detection, authentication, and automation. The company holds over 35 patents, and its current focus is on the healthcare market.

John’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience:  
As computer training in general was still in its infancy in the late ‘70s and early 80s, the school’s computer systems were routinely overburdened, requiring us (computer science students) to spend a lot more time in the school’s labs than was demanded from students of any other major. But as it turns out, the time spent there, working with the many wonderful professors & instructors, and of course, the dedicated student base, resulted in a far broader and deeper understanding of computers, and people, than what I had expected to receive. I cherish those memories, and still remember many bits of knowledge & wisdom absorbed from the environment.”

John’s Advice for current Purdue Calumet students:   
“Realize and take advantage of the opportunities available to you today, both from the school, and from the point at which you are in life. They are invaluable. The experiences and knowledge you’re gaining are immeasurable, and if you let them, will become the foundation for the rest of your life.  You will look back fondly on these times. Make the most of them.”