Jeffrey Bender

Jeffrey BenderJeffrey Bender began his quest for higher education at Purdue Calumet after enrolling in the School of Technology.
During his first few years on campus, he attended classes full time and worked 20 hours a week for the campus Audio Visual Department.
His schedule changed when a full-time entry-level position at Bank of America was offered that had potential for further career opportunities. After accepting the job, his degree aspirations were accomplished at a part time pace.
Jeffrey has been employed with Bank of America for 12 years, holding various positions throughout the organization.
He started in an entry-level position in the hardware department where responsibilities included racking servers, coordinating trader moves, and swapping hardware.
An advancement opportunity became available in Application Support, which lead to a management position.
All the while , the determined part time student continued at the Purdue Calumet campus, eventually graduating and making the Dean’s List.
Upon completion of his degree requirements, Jeffrey changed careers and chose Project Management.
He earned his organization’s top honor, achieving the Award of Excellence (top 1% of employees) and represented his team internationally in London for a nine-month project.
Also post-degree, Jeffrey completed a Green Belt Six Sigma Certification and a Project Management Certification.

 Jeffrey’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience: “The courses and instructors provided me the foundation for key problem solving skills that I have applied to every position I have held.”

 Jeffrey’s advice to current Purdue Calumet students: “Ensure you take every moment in life as a learning experience. Embrace knowledge and stay on top of your trade by reading articles, books, and asking questions.”