General Guidelines and Suggestions

For Mentors

  1. Let the students make the contacts
  2. Clearly state your expectations and preferences
  3. Keep the interaction professional
  4. During the initial contact, start the conversation by giving a brief history about your career, job responsibilities, educational background
  5. Talk about current and future trends in your field
  6. Suggest ways to make him/her more marketable in the job market and ways for him/her to gain additional experience
  7. If appropriate, give him/her a tour of your company and share materials
  8. Suggest professional organizations and publications
  9. Report any problems or changes in your employment to the Office of Alumni Relations by calling 219-989-2308 or e-mailing

For Users

  1. Before the initial contact, research the alum’s company so you don’t ask questions that are easily available from his/her company’s web site
  2. When making the initial contact by phone, ask if it is a good time to talk, make an appointment, or send an introductory note via e-mail
  3. Be enthusiastic and polite. Remember you are representing Purdue Calumet.
  4. Identify yourself as a participant of the PAC Alumni Career Network and provide brief background information about yourself such as major, career goals, involvement in student and/or professional organizations
  5. Be respectful of the mentor’s time and limit your interaction to 15 minutes
  6. Keep the interaction professional
  7. Plan open-ended questions
  8. Focus on the alum’s views, suggestions, and feelings rather than hard data so that the interview is more rewarding
  9. Don’t ask about the alum’s salary or help in getting a job. If the alum is interested in providing this, he/she will be forthcoming.
  10. Respect the alum’s preferences for further contacts and communication methods
  11. Remember that the Alumni Career Network is for Purdue Calumet students and alumni only
  12. Remember to thank the alum at the end of your contact and follow up with a thank you note
  13. Report any problems to the Office of Alumni Relations by calling 219-989-2308 or e-mailing