Drew Wahlberg

Drew WahlbergDrew Wahlberg is an MET graduate of Purdue University Calumet and also an advisory board member for the MET department.  He directs all of Aeromet’s, (a full service machine shop specializing in steel coil winders), engineering services and activities as well as coordinating all technical aspects of engineered projects between customers and the shop floor. He has been with Aeromet since 1988.

 Drew’s most valuable Purdue Calumet experience:
“Purdue Calumet is local to me.  That made working going to school possible.  It is surrounding by our countries steel industry.  I had professors, teachers and fellow students that worked in and understood the same industry that I currently work in.   I enjoy working with Purdue in an advisory roll to help see that the students who graduate have the correct tools to work in today’s industry.”

 Drew’s advice for current Purdue Calumet Students:
“Do what you enjoy.  Follow standards whenever possible.  Be professional, law abiding and ethical.”