Diane Schweitzer

Diane SchweitzerDiane Schweitzer graduated from Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana and entered the Purdue University Calumet Nursing Program where she attained her AAS.  She worked part time as a nurse while working full time for Marshall Field & Company in the Restaurant Division, her real passion.  She enrolled in the Purdue Calumet Hospitality and Tourism Management Program where she attained AAS and BS degrees.  She later attained her Master’s Degree at DePaul University and finally her PhD in Foodservice Management from Iowa State University.

She is currently Director of Child Nutrition for Hammond Schools with 22 K-12 schools. She is Secretary of the Indiana School Nutrition Association and on the Executive Board of the School Nutrition Association, serving as Chairperson of the Research Committee. In 2004, she was awarded the first “District of Excellence” from the School Nutrition Association, the Indiana Foodservice Director of the Year and Mideast Regional Foodservice Director of the Year.

She serves the School City of Hammond as a Certified School Risk Manager, implementing a designed safety model and saving thousands of dollars by reducing numbers and severity of injuries. She has recently published a book on school foodservice facility design and has contributed numerous articles on worker safety, ergonomics, and facility design to many national trade journals.

Diane’s most valued Purdue Calumet experience:
I was very grateful for my Purdue Calumet experience as I had the ability to attend classes and work at the same time.  My instructors were very knowledgeable in academics as well as professional experience.  Purdue Calumet offered classes in multiple time opportunities so I could easily balance work and school schedules.”

Diane’s advice for current Purdue Calumet students:
Purdue Calumet offers many academic opportunities for the new student.  The campus is large enough to offer many classes in many disciplines, yet small enough for faculty to easily interact with students.  Faculty actually know your name, will take the time to guide and counsel, and help you along whatever course you choose.  As far as a career path is concerned, pursue what you love, and continue a path of lifelong learning opportunities Purdue Calumet offers.”