The Great Songbook Abroad

Instructor: Mitchell Brown Building upon his class during the first week of Friday University, Mitchell Brown examines what was happening in Europe and South America at roughly the same time. In Europe, especially in France of the 30s and 40s, popular song rose to a level of quality that ranked with anything the US was […]

Encountering The Great American Songbook

Instructor: Mitchell Brown The period of 1910 to 1965 (roughly from Alexander’s Ragtime Band through Moon River) witnessed one of the high points of American culture. A group of composers and lyricists were all working at the same time, creating a catalog of popular song of such astounding quality, that it ranks with the greatest […]

Waltzing With Dictators : An American Past Time

Instructor: Richard Rupp The United States has long championed the spread of democracy throughout the world.  Simultaneously Washington has topped democratically elected governments (Iran, Guatemala, Chile) and stood by a host of dictators from the Philippines to South Africa to Nicaragua.  What explains this schizophrenic quality that has long characterized American Foreign Policy?  Has the […]

Shakespeare, 400 Years Later

Instructor: Mita Choudhury April of this year marked Shakespeare’s 450th birth anniversary—one which was celebrated in pockets of intellectual, educational, and theatrical circles throughout the world. On April 21, a group of “Shakespeare enthusiasts”—those who are invested in the culture industry associated with Shakespeare—assembled at the Newberry Library to listen to and watch Tony Award […]

How the Federal Reserve Innovated During The Great Recession

Instructor: Paul McGrath, Professor of Economics At the beginning of the recent recession – now popularly known as the “Great Recession” – the United States Federal Reserve responded by deploying its tried-and-true set of policy tools in an attempt to stave off a severe recession and to stabilize financial markets. It became quickly apparent that […]