Coaches Caravan

Coaches Caravan 2013

When: Thursday, October 24th, 7 to 8 PM Where: Bridges’ Scoreboard Restaurant & Sports Bar121 North Griffith Boulevard, Griffith, IN 46319 You are invited to learn about our expanding athletic programs and meet the coaches at Purdue University Calumet. This is an all ages event, bring the entire family! Light refreshements will be provided. RSVP […]

Metaphors for Computing

Presented by: Daniel Punday, Professor of English & Philosophy This class will look at attempts to envision our relationship with computers, from early descriptions of the new technology hard drive, through the mid-1980s personal computer advertisements, through current ideas about the Kindle ebook library and the Apple iPad. We will trace the evolution of key […]

Why We Have No Time to Hurry: A Literary Assessment of Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows

Presented by: Karen Bishop Morris, Professor of English & Philosophy Reading and writing are reciprocal processes that help us to decode and encode our deepest desires, thoughts, and the world around us. This presentation traces the evolution of various technologies used to exploit these processes – papyrus, books, computers – in an effort to unlock […]

Decisions Have Consequences

Presented by: Richard Rupp, Professor of Political Science Few decisions in American history have had as many lasting and significant consequences as the decision to build and drop the atomic bomb. This course wades into the controversies surrounding the Manhattan Project and examines the evolution of nuclear proliferation and America’s roles and responsibilities in a […]

The God Particle Saga

Presented by: Neeti Parashar, Professor of Physics Come join Purdue University Calumet’s internationally renowned physicist, Dr. Neeti Parashar, on a grand journey from the beginning of the universe through the present and future. Students will be exposed to simply the most interesting developments in physics research centering on objects moving near the speed of light […]