Resume Workshop

 November 6, 2014 This event is at full capacity. We apologize, but no more RSVPs are being taken at this time.   Purdue University Calumet Alumni Association (PAC)  invites you to a free resume workshop and critique with Purdue University Calumet Employment and Compensation Manager, Heather Runyan.  Gain real insider knowledge on what makes a resume really work […]

Story Slam Competition


November 2o     Hosted by Matthew Dicks, Author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend and a 13-time Moth Story SLAM champion.  His stories have been featured on the nationally syndicated Moth Radio Hour and weekly podcast.  He has also told stories for This American Life, TED, The Story Collider, Literary Death Match, The Moth and […]

Wine Tasting 101

Instructor : Mike Flannery Come join Mike Flannery, Purdue Calumet’s Head of White Lodging Center for Hospitality and Tourism Management, for a wine tasting tour d’ force.  Topics include the five S’s of Wine Tasting:  Sight, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Savor.  In addition to sampling an array of wines, students will learn about pairing good […]

Dress Code: The Decorum of Dress in the Downton Era

Instructor: Debra Mancoff In times of extraordinary change, society looks to traditions for stability. But social change also stimulates creativity. Never was this more true than in Great Britain during the years 1900 to 1925, when more than ever before, men and women used dress to express their aspirations rather than signify their station. New […]

Inter-disciplinary Approaches in Regional Economic Development

Panel Discussion: Amlan Mitra, Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan Planning for the development of a region in the country involves coordination among many stakeholders from several disciplines. Have you ever wondered how policies in a local region, like NW Indiana, are framed and implemented despite the lack of commonalities between experts from different disciplines? If yes, this […]