Outcasts United: Purdue Calumet’s One Book/One University reading selection

Instructor: Karen Bishop Morris

Come join Friday University’s popular instructor Karen Bishop Morris for Purdue University Calumet’s One Book/One University for 2014-2015 Outcasts United by Warren St. John. Outcasts United is the provocative story of how Clarkston, Georgia, a sleepy southern town, struggled to come to terms with issues of identity, human rights, and globalization. As thousands of families fled war-ravaged nations in the 1990s, Clarkston became a designated resettlement center for refugees from Southeast Asia and Africa. First played out in a series of front-page articles in The New York Times, the book raises important questions regarding assimilation vs. pluralism in our society against the backdrop of an inspirational story of a youth soccer program, the Fugees, and their inspirational volunteer coach, Lumah Mufleh. Session attendees will discuss major themes in the book including:   What are the cultural influences that shape our identity? Where do your parents come from? What makes your neighborhood special or unique? What is your earliest childhood memory? Reading the Outcasts United is not mandatory for this session but highly encouraged.