February 2013 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Purdue Alumni Calumet
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2013

 Attendance:  Wendell Carey, Sheryl Corey, Kate DeRolfAlex Fenske, Shontrai Irving, George Kopanakis, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Scott Schaller, Michael Moskalick,  Lisa Sargent, Tom Szczepanski , Mary C. Shields, Diana Viirjevich

 Absent:  Blanca Aranda, Robert Johnson III, Sylvia Planer, Victoria Merill-Washington

Welcome:  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by Shontrai Irving and the PAC mission statement was read.

Committee Reports
Executive Committee
President’s Report:  Shontrai thanked the committee for the kind thoughts and condolences for his Grandmother who recently passed.  He mentioned that he will be meeting with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor at 11:30 tomorrow to discuss support of Purdue and the role that PAC can take related to the university.

Minutes:  Minutes from the January meeting have not yet been received so approval was tabled.

 Vice-President’s report:  Lisa commented that the ice skating event was well received and she felt there was a good turnout for a great event.

 Financial Report:  Donna presented the Financial Report received from Purdue West Lafayette ending January 31, 2013 with a balance of$14,287.79.  She also outlined the budget prepared ending January 31, 2012 noting current status of committees.  A motion was made by Mike Moskalick to approve the financial statement received from West Lafayette and the supplemental budget information.  This was seconded by Wendell Carey.  All were in favor, none opposed.  Motion stands.

 Committee Updates:  Shontrai noted that more help would be needed on a couple of the committees and two did not have chairs.

Scott Schaller reported on the Professional Development Committee activities.  He proposed the idea of having a presentation on the “skills gap” in the area.  A study is being conducted by Ball State which he plans on reviewing prior to the event but feels this may be a good topic for our area.  The committee responded with positive comments about this proposal.

Tom Mavronicles commented on the ice skating and Bob Hayes award events.  Both were successful events.  Bob Markovich was the individual honored at the awards ceremony.

Donna Lail reported on graduation party to be held at the Patio.  She is evaluating using a disc jockey for the event.  Discussion followed.

 Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present for a report, however, Tom did mention that the Boilermaker Ball would be held on February 23, 2013.

 Purdue Club Northwest Indiana:  Tom Szczepanski updated the board members on activities of the Purdue Club of NWI.  A coach’s caravan will be held on May 23, 2013 at the Radisson Hotel at 6pm.  This is the scholarship fundraising event.  A watch party was held recently with low attendance.

 Purdue Club Chicago:  Alex reviewed the Chicago club activities.  The golf event will be held at the same location this year.  He reported that despite the numbers, he felt the Flossmoor Brewery event went well for the space allotted for the event.

 Advancement:  Diana mentioned that Founder’s Day would be held on Monday and invited board members to attend.  There will be a parade held and the event would be held in the Fitness Center afterwards.  Fireworks will be held at 6pm.  This is the first time this type of event is being held.  Diana is exploring a Wine Tasting event again.  The ticket price may need to be increased this year.  The grad fair will be held again and is scheduled for April 10, 2013.  She asked that board members try to attend.  Membership to PAC will be promoted.  Purdue Calumet will be promoting Congrats to Grads’ Ads in our commencement book to honor students or thank parents.

 Open Forum:  Tom noted that there was a recent article on scholarships in the paper.  Wendell invited the group to Peter Visclosky’s event sponsored by the Gary Rotary.

 Adjournment:  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Wendell Carey at 7:33.  This was seconded by Mike Moskalick.  All were in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm.