September 2012 Purdue Alumni Calumet Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell Carey, Alex Fenske, Shontrai Irving, Chad Johnson, Robert Johnson III, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Lisa Sargent, Mary C. Shields, Diana Virijevich, Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington 

Absent:  Sheryl Corey, Kate DeRolf, Sylvia Planer, George Kopanakis, Tom Szczepanski, 

Guest:  Rayfield Springer and Michael Moskalick 

Welcome:  Tom Mavronicles called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.  Tom read the PAC mission statement in George Kopanakis absence. 

 Committee Reports 

Executive Committee:  
President’s ReportTom began by introducing Rayfield Springer, a representative from the sports program.  Mr. Springer was a former basketball player and is a strong supporter of athletic events.  He is involved in a number of projects for the sports programs.  He graduated from PUC with a Bachelor’s degree in 2003 and a Master’s degree in 2005.  John Friend had made the recommendation that Rayfield attend the PAC meeting and consider joining the board of directors.  He will consider the time commitment and let the board know next month.  At that time if he is willing to serve on the board of directors, the members will vote to appoint him to the board. 

Next Tom introduced Michael Moskalick to new Board Members.  Michael was a PAC Board Member for 5 years and served as chairman on the New Alumni Committee and also was PAC’s Representative on the Purdue Alumni, Inc. Board for 2 years until his position was changed into a national representative.  During that last period Michael had to resign from the PAC Board due to this travels.  Michael’s position with PA ended this past spring and Tom invited him to rejoin the Board at this meeting.  After Michael expressed his wish to rejoin the PAC Board he was excused from the meeting and a vote was held to re-elect Michael Moskalick to the PAC Board.  The vote was all in favor and Michael was welcomed back as a Board Member for PAC effective this day.

 Vice President Report:  Tom reported on behalf of George Kopanakis.  He informed the group that there are some minor adjustments to be made to the budget which George will complete and bring to the next scheduled meeting.

Minutes:  Tom asked that the members take a short time to review the August meeting minutes.  Wendell then made a motion to approve the minutes as recorded.  Robert Johnson seconded the motion.  None were opposed.  Motion carried.

Financial Statement:  The August Financial Statement was reviewed by the Board Members.  Ending balance was listed at $21,379.37.  Diana noted that there is a pending expense of approximately $930.00 for the bags purchased by the Communications Committee for the convocation.  Alex Fenske made a motion to accept the August financial statement received from West Lafayette.  Robert Johnson seconded the motion.  None opposed.  Motion carried.

Communications Committee:  Tom Mavronicles
Tom discussed that this committee’s primary function is to support various committees to help promote PAC in several ways.  Mary Shields reminded the group that a suggestion was made to explore the possibility of using text messaging to reach individuals more effectively.  This will be explored as there is an expense associated with this.  Diana stated that email is currently generated free of charge to over 8,000 recipients.  She has statistics of how many are read when received and also how many respond as a result of receiving announcements. 

New Alumni Committee: 
Donna Lail reported that the committee has begun planning a meeting to discuss the graduation parties.  Suggestions were made on potential dates and venues.  Donna will have more details at the October meeting. 

Professional Development Committee: 
Lisa updated members that the Alumni Leaders Day will be held on September 20 at Alumni Hall from 4:30-7:30 p.m.  She asked that board members support this event and Diana encouraged all to register online for the event.

 With the help of Shontrai, Lisa has made tentative plans for the Platinum Speakers Series.  The program will focus on the law and will include a Judge, Public Defender, Shontrai and a couple other speakers.  It will be held on October 22, 2012 in the “Room with a View.”  Lisa thanked Shontrai for his help in providing contact information for potential speakers.

 Social Committee:
Shontrai reported on potential activities.  A winter family event at Deep River Water Park is being planned for December 1, 2012.  Cost will be approximately $7 per person and the event will take place from 9am-12 noon.  Other activities are being planned and a joint event with the NWI and Chicago clubs will occur.

PAC will host a reception for members of past athletic teams that were not listed in PUC’s record books that were lost in the early 1970’s. The reception hosted by Tom and Current and New Athletic Directors will be this Saturday at our Back To School Saturday event.  They will be recognized for their accomplishments.  Tom gave more information about this group of athletes.

Membership Committee:
Sylvia was absent to report, however Tom mentioned that there will be a PAC discount program again similar to last year for the December and May graduates with the hope of securing 100 memberships.  The budget has been adjusted to allow for this activity.  Tom continued that the budget will also allow for some type of marketing project to be completed with students in that school.  The goal would be to have a business plan that would help market Purdue Alumni Calumet and recruit more members.

Purdue Clubs
Purdue Alumni:  Chad announced upcoming events including a watch party in Minnesota for the October game.  The last tailgate parties are almost sold out.  Chad announced the date of the annual Purdue Ball to be held on February 23, 2013 at the J.W. Marriott.    He mentioned that for Alumni weekend a number of events are being held including an opportunity to meet with Mitch Daniels.

Purdue Club NWI:  Mike Moskalick reported for Tom Szczepanski.  The Ohio State Football Watch Party is on October 20 as well as November 17 for the Illinois game.  One event may be held at Station 21 in Crown Point.  The fall scholarship dinner will be at Strongbow Inn in Valparaiso.

Purdue Club ChicagoAlex Fenske reported that the Cubs Alumni day will be October 2.  This event was sold out.  Next year’s golf outing will be held at Ruffled Feathers again.  This past year’s event was met with a positive response at that site.  He stated the Chicago Club will be changing the date of the scholarship decision and that is being decided by the members.  He will explore a site for the tri-club networking event.

Diana reported on the planning and events for Back to School Weekend including Alumni Leaders Day, Friday University and Back to School Saturday.  Back to School Saturday events will start with registration at the Fitness and Recreation Center and include open house programs across campus.  She encouraged board members to attend Alumni Leaders Day and Back to School Saturday.  An alumni reunion reception is being held on Saturday, at the Kuiper House from 3-4 p.m.  The annual fund mailing will go out later this fall.  Diana informed the group that Dan Hendricks is no longer at the University and that interim Vice-Chancellor is Regina Biddings-Muro. 

Tom reviewed upcoming activities including the voting meeting in November which may be held off campus.  This will be decided at the October meeting.  All four executive board member positions will expire.  Tom’s is the only position that cannot be renewed.  The others can renew for one more two-year term.  He feels a larger board should be explored in the future. 

 Tom suggested that the board purchase logo shirts for board members to wear at different events.  He feels this can come out of the discretionary funds and will help promote our organization and give a more professional look.  He will explore options with Diana.

A motion was made by Alex to adjourn at meeting.  This was seconded by Blanca.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:58.