October 2012 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Sheryl Corey, Kate DeRolfAlex Fenske, Shontrai Irving, Robert Johnson III, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Sylvia Planer, Tom Szczepanski, Lisa Sargent, Mary C. Shields,  and Diana Virijevich

Absent:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell Carey (Lisa Sargent served as his proxy), George Kopanakis, Victoria Merill-Washington and Michael Moskalick 

Guest:  Interim Vice-Chancellor Regina Biddings-Muro, Scott Schaller.  Scott was a recipient of the recent Distinguished Alumni award and invited to attend by Lisa Sargent.

Tom Mavronicles read the PAC mission statement.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee
President’s Report:  Tom introduced guests Regina Biddings-Muro, who is the Interim Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni Relations and Scott Schaller who is a potential Board Member and he is interested in learning more about the Purdue Alumni Calumet organization.  Scott is a System Analyst and is a 1997 MBA PUC graduate.

 Vice-President’s report:  Tom reported on behalf of George Kopanakis.  He reviewed the PAC 2012/2013 budget which has been finalized and approved.  Tom reminded everyone that the November meeting Board Members will be voting on Executive Committee positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  He asked that members consider running for executive positions and also Board Members can nominate another member of one of these positions as well.  A brief discussion on time commitment to the positions followed.

Minutes:  Mary Shields presented the minutes from the September 18, 2012 meeting, which were distributed previously to all members via email.  No corrections were noted and a motion was mad by Robert Johnson to approve the minutes.  This was seconded by Alex Fenske.  All were in favor.  None opposed.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Tom presented the financial statement with a current balance of $18,835.35 which was received from Purdue Alumni Inc., in West Lafayette.  All members present reviewed the statement.  A motion was made by Tom Szczepanski to approve the financial statement.  This was seconded by Shontrai Irving.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.  Motion carried.

 Communication Committee:  The Logoed grocery bags were distributed at the back to school event and Student Orientation Day.  There are approximately 200 left.  These will be used at a future function.

 New Alumni Committee:  A one year reunion is being planned for 2012 graduates.  A digital message will be sent notifying them of the event.

 Professional Development Committee:  Lisa gave an overview of the Alumni Leaders Conference which had a good turnout.  She thanked board members who were in attendance.  The upcoming program Platinum Speakers Series “JUSTICE:  What’s Law Got to Do with It?” will be held in the Room with a View at 6pm next Monday.  She thanked Shontrai for all of his help in securing speakers and continuing education credits for the attendees.

Social Committee:  Shontrai reported that an Ice Skating Winter Event is being planned at Deep River Park in Merrillville and the projected cost will range between $7 and $9 per family.  PAC is hosting a Purdue Calumet Athletic Event:  “Meet Your PUC Coaches,” this Thursday at the Athletic and Recreation Center here on Campus.  The event is open to the public and the Coaches for this year’s teams will discuss either there past or up-coming seasons and will also take questions from the attendees.

 Membership Committee:  There will be a discounted rate for December graduates for PAC memberships as well as it will be offered for the May Graduates.  The group is also looking to have the PUMA/PUC Marketing Department develop a Strategic Marketing plans for our organization.

 Purdue Alumni:  Tom Mavronicles reported on behalf of Chad Johnson who could not attend and reminded the Board Members of the Boilermaker Ball which will be held in February.  He would like to get enough PAC members there to sit together and or with the Purdue Clubs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

 Purdue Club Northwest Indiana:  The annual Scholarship dinner is being held at the Strongbow Restaurant in Valpo, on November 14th at 6 pm.  Tom Szczepanski request that as many PAC Board Members attend as possible.  The next Football Watch Party will be Saturday, November 17, with Illinois, game time is TBA.

Purdue Club Chicago:  Alex gave a summary of the Chicago Club activities.  He is working on a location for the tri club event and suggested the Flossmoor station including a brewery tour.

Advancement:  Regina explained her current role in the Advancement / Alumni Relations Department and then she discussed how she feels the Alumni Leaders Day Conference can be a full event if we can get more students to attend.  She further described how PAC will need to get a number of PUC Professors involved to encourage their student to attend.  Regina concluded with a question on how the group felt about having an Alumni “Hall of Fame.”  Diana mentioned that an appeal would be sent out in the near future and asked for support from Board Members for this.  Diana had brief discussion on the PAC long sleeve shirt final design and an order will be placed soon for 25.

 Adjournment:  A motion to adjourn was made by Donna at 8:22.  This was seconded by Mary Shields.  All were in favor, the motion carried.