August 2012 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell Carey, Sheryl Corey, Shontrai Irving, George Kopanakis, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Victoria Merrill-Washington, Sylvia Planer,  Lisa Sargent, Tom Szczepanski, Diana Virijevich

 Absent:   Kate DeRolf, Alex Fenske, Chad Johnson, Robert Johnson, Mary C. Shields

 Welcome:   Tom Mavronicles called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.   In Alex’ & Mary’s absence, Tom will have proxy for Alex and Blanca has the proxy for Mary.  Tom Mavronicles read the PAC Mission Statement.

Committee Reports

 Executive Committee: 
President’s Report:   Board reviewed PAC Activities/Events Budget.   Tom reduced amounts on some items because he didn’t know if Advancement would be able to continue their financial support.   They will continue to support our activities, but we will try to stay within the budget. 

 Vice President’s Report:   George Kopanakis adjusted the coming fiscal year budget for two Committees, Communications and New Alumni.  Outreach e-mail program was increase to $2750 from $450 when Diana noted that the Crib Sheet application cost is $2,500.  The contract will expire in May.  Advancement may not continue to pay for this and Communications may need to address this next year and the student convocation promotional material expenditure in New Alumni was moved to Communications PAC logo items budget.

 Wendell made a motion to accept budget as revised.  Blanca seconded the motion.  None opposed.   Motion carried.

Minutes:   June minutes reviewed.  Wendell made a motion that minutes be accepted.  Shontrai seconded the motion.   None opposed.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Blanca Aranda reviewed the financial report received from West Lafayette.  We received dues allocation for $8,902.80.  Current balance is $21,379.37. Donna moved to accept financial statement.  Lisa seconded the motion.   None opposed.  Motion carried.

Communications Committee
800 PAC logo bags were ordered the student convocation and also the drink steins but they will not be available because the PAC logo was missing.  Company picking up old steins and will deliver two sets of 250 each.  Amount for logo mugs and bags increased to $2,250.

 New Alumni Committee
Donna, Lisa and Mary were at PAC table for convocation.   We have an updated brochure to hand out.  

The one-year graduation reunion should be held either in May or June next year.   Have to decide soon what kind of event we will hold and where the event will be held – need plan of action by early November.

 Professional Development Committee  
Platinum Speaker Series will be held October 22, 201, from 6-8 p.m. in Room with a View.  Topic will be ‘Justice – What’s Law Got To Do With It?’  Alumni Leaders will be held September 20, 2012 from 4:30-7:30 p.m.  Larry Brechner will be the MC; Tom will make remarks.

Social Committee  
There will be an athletics reunion on September 22, 2012.  This encompasses all athletes from late 60’s until now.  Most of the records were destroyed of the early sports teams up to the mid 70s records and The Athletic Department and a number of athletes from that era are trying to restore some of that information.  This reception hosted by PAC is being held to welcome back many of those athletes for that early time period.  The reception will be held during the Back to School weekend Saturday at the Field House from 12:30 to 2 PM. 

 ‘Meet the Coaches’ to be held on October 25 from 7-10 p.m.  at the Athletic Field House.  This event is open to the general public.  Coaches will discuss upcoming season and the new athletic field will be built at Dowling Park by the Jean Shepherd building.  Soccer, baseball, etc., games will be held there.

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction and Bob Hayes Outstanding Athletic Alumni Award will be held in early February.  Donna suggested moving the time of the presentation of the Bob Hayes award.  Could it be given at beginning of games instead of at half time?  We will have to discuss with new athletic director.  Discussion was held whether we have another wine tasting as a tri-sponsor event.

Membership Committee  
52 people took advantage of the discount last year.  We have budgeted $675 for the same offer this December.  Whatever is not used will be carried over to June.   For June, we have budgeted $1,000.  Discussion was held whether the Membership Committee has a wine tasting event as a fundraiser for both the PAC and HTM scholarships in the spring.  We received excellent feedback from attendees at the wine tasting.  Kirk from Lafayette was very complimentary. 

 Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present.  Tom reported that PA, Inc. will host its annual September 27-30, Back to School- Purdue Lafayette.  All PAC Board members are invited.

 Purdue Clubs
Purdue Club NWI:  Watch parties will be held in Valparaiso on October 20 –Ohio State.  PNC would like to participate.  Another watch party will be held on Saturday, November 17-Illinois.  Don’t have any other details yet.  Fall dinner plans not made yet.  Speaker has not decided. 

Purdue Club ChicagoTom Mavronicles reported that PCC will participate in the October 2, Big Ten Night at Cubs Wrigley Field and tickets are available through their web site and the Club will host Watch Parties for all Purdue football games and multiple sites in and out of Chicago.

 Advancement:  Diana Virijevich
Reviewed the Taltree Arboretum event held in July, there were about 20 people in attendance.  Indianapolis group Benjamin Harrison – 25 people attended.  Chancellor also attended.  PAC had a table at the Lake County fair held in August.  There is a new Purdue University Calumet Volunteer policy going into effect at the beginning of fall semester.  Anyone who volunteers at PUC event will be subject to a background check for the sex offender registry. 

This year, at Back to School, there will be a number of five year reunions will be held for alumni.  Alumni from ’62,’67, ‘72 etc will be invited for a reception at Kuiper House.  We have three board members who will be invited – Blanca, Lisa, Tom.

Board discussed having October meeting and then dining at the HTM dining room.  There was a problem with people getting here in time for the 5:30 dinner and some thought 7:15 was too late.  Vote was held, there was no majority.  But the board would like to have an off-campus dinner-meeting.  Rayfield Stringer from the Athletic Department will come to next PAC board meeting to determine if he will be the Athletic Dept. representative.

Final word from Tom:  board will be changing officers this year.  President, Vice President,  Secretary and Treasurer are 2 year terms only.  Only the President cannot serve an additional term, Tom will move to Past President for the next two years starting in January of 2013.  Current members can be re-elected serve (2) three year terms before stepping off for one year and then can petition to come back on the Board at that time.   Voting will be held at the November meeting.

Wendell made a motion to adjourn meeting.  Lisa seconded motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m