May 2012 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Sheryl Corey, Alex Fenske, George Kopanakis, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Lisa Sargent (via telephone), Mary C. Shields, Tom Szczepanski, Diana Virijevich
Absent:  Wendell Carey (Tom was proxy), Shontrai Irving, Sylvia Planer, Chad Johnson, Robert Johnson III, Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington

Guest:  John Friend – Interim Athletic Director 

Welcome:  Meeting was called to order by Tom Mavronicles at 6:48 pm.  The PAC Mission statement was read by George Kopanakis. 

 Committee Reports
Executive Committee:  Tom Mavronicles
PUC Athletic Programs:  Tom introduced John Friend, Interim Athletic Director  Mr. Friend updated the members of the current 5 year plan for the athletic program and discussed expansion of the sports program.  Currently the school has:  Women’s and Men’s basketball, cross country, tennis and soccer; Women’s volleyball; and Men’s golf will be playing in the 2012 & 2013 school year.  Plans call for softball and baseball to be added in the Spring of 2014.

The school is collaborating with the City of Hammond to build a sports complex at Dowling Park.  A fundraising campaign will be held to finance this complex.

In addition to collegiate sports, the school has a successful Fitness Center with approximately 2,000 members.  Approximately 90% of members are students who take advantage of the facilities.

President’s Report:  Tom reminded committee chairpersons that reports are due in two weeks so he may prepare slides for a power point presentation to be presented at the June Annual Board meeting.  Each committee is to present the past year events and activities and proposed the coming year’s events and activities maybe.

Vice President’s Report:  George reminded the committee chairpersons that initial budget requests are due by the June meeting.

Minutes:  Mary Shields presented the minutes from the April board meeting.  Minutes were reviewed by members prior to meeting.  Corrections have been made.  A motion was made by Tom S. to accept the minutes.  This was seconded by Blanca.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.

Financial Report:  Blanca reviewed the financial report received from West Lafayette.  Current balance stands at $14,655.28.  A notation was made that an adjustment would occur as Wendell paid $20 by check instead of via PayPal online.  Outstanding expenditures will be reflected on next month’s financial statement.  Blanca included a summary of committee expenditures to date.  A motion was made to accept the official financial statement from West Lafayette by Alex.  This was seconded by Tom S.

Communications Committee: 
Mary Shields reported on the past activities.  All banners have been purchased.  She felt the texting messages should be explored as well as more frequent Twitter activity.  She feels this is the most common communication among young adults currently.  Discussion followed.  Diana had investigated a couple of options but this would need to be explored further.  Currently, emails are being sent to all email addresses available.  George stated that he would like see the return on this type of communication.

New Alumni Committee: 
Donna Lail reviewed activities of her committee.  The Committee is planning a reunion for the 2012 graduates.  She also felt that some type of giveaway at the student convocation would be done.

Professional Development Committee:  Lisa Sargent
Lisa Sargent reported that her committee is planning is to present a law forum for the Fall Platinum Speakers Series in October after September Alumni Leaders Day. 

Social Committee:  Shontrai Irving
Tom reported on behalf of Shontrai.  Sponsorship for a hole at Ruffled Feathers for the Purdue Chicago club will be made.  Shontrai is also working on an August activity for alumni with small children at Deep River Water Park.

Membership Committee:  Sylvia Planer
Diana reported in Sylvia s absence that over 50, 2012 PUC Graduates took advantage of a 40% discount for PAC alumni membership.  Donna reported that contact has been made with the management group for a potential marketing project for PAC.

Purdue Clubs
Purdue Club NWI:  Tom Szczepanski reported on the activities and upcoming events.    The coaches Caravan is being planned and will be held on June 18 at the Radisson.

Purdue Club ChicagoAlex Fenske presented information about the Chicago club.  He mentioned he would be completing his term soon as secretary.  The group has participated in a number of community activities.  The PCC Annual Golf Outing will be held on June 8.

Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present.  Tom reported that the Tri-sponsored Wine Tasting Event was very successful with great attendance.  Diana attended the last PA Board Meeting in West Lafayette and reported that Mike Moskalick and 8 other board members were outgoing.  Elections resulted in Chicagoans Nick Sickler and Mike Birck (Trustee) being elected.

Advancement:  Diane Virijevich
Diana stated that the Advancement Department will renew  the Crib Sheet application..  She reminded members of commencement this Sunday and that Tom would make remarks for the PAC welcoming the new graduates as Alumni.

A motion was made by Alex to adjourn at 8:18 pm.  This was seconded by Donna.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.