April 2012 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Alex Fenske, Shontrai Irving, , George Kopanakis, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington (via telephone), Sylvia Planer, Mary C. Shields, Tom Szczepanski, Diana Virijevich
Absent:   Wendell Carey, Sheryl Corey, Lisa Sargent and Chad Johnson, 

Guests:  Kathleen DeRolf, Na-Jee Harris 

Welcome:  The meeting was called to order by Tom Mavronicles at 6:36 PM.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by George.

 Committee Reports
Executive Committee:
President’s Report:  Tom M. mentioned he has posted on LinkedIn and Facebook liking the PAC site and encouraged other board members to do the same.  Tom discussed the upcoming June Annual Meeting and requested that Diana request to book the meeting in the “Room with a View.” (This was later confirmed.)  Tom requested that the Chairperson of each committee to make a presentation of accomplishments of last year and proposals for projects/events for the coming year.  He further requested to have this information to him at least (2) prior to the June meeting so he may construct a power point presentation for this meeting. 

Tom then introduced guest Na-Jee Harris who is President of Resident Hall Council.  Na-Jee gave a background on himself and his organization.  He is a current student who will be graduating this spring and he signed up to be a member of PAC and had encouraged others to sign up as well at the graduate fair as well.  Discussion followed regarding possibly setting up a committee of student leaders to collaborate with PAC and help give input on membership recruitment.  Na-Jee agreed that he would be interested in helping with this as did Kathleen DeRolf who was the other guest in attendance.

Vice-President’s Report:  George reminded the members that he those who had not yet renewed their memberships should do so.  Also, it is expected that board members make some type of financial contribution to the University.  He will review the list and let individuals know if they are delinquent.

Minutes:  Minutes from last meeting were reviewed.  Blanca made a motion that the minutes be accepted with the exception of removing Sylvia from the attendance as she was not present.  This was seconded by Sylvia.  All were in favor.

Financial Report:  Blanca presented the March 31, 2012 financial report received from West Lafayette.  The current balance is $14,996.89.  Blanca noted a few new expenditures in March.  Budget status information was also distributed.  Donna made a motion to accept the financial report from West Lafayette.  This was seconded by Alex.

Communications CommitteeThe 2’ X 6’ banners and the silkscreen retractable banners were displayed at the meeting for the members to review.  These were new purchases this year.  All felt these were attractive representation that could be taken to various events. 

New Alumni Committee:
Donna reported that the decision was made to roll over funds slotted for the graduate parties to the coming year.  Donna also proposed to have a one year reunion for this year’s graduates to help keep them engaged with the university.  This idea was discussed at length.  All were in agreement that this would be a worthwhile effort.  A suggestion was made by Na-Jee of communicating via text messaging as this is a common format used by students.  He recommended a relatively inexpensive site called “Easytexting.com” that is utilized by the resident council.  Diana was going to consult with West Lafayette to see it there was any system available through PA, Inc. 

Guest, Kathleen DeRolf thanked the group for their contributions to the food pantry project.

Professional Development Committee:
Lisa was not present to report but a discussion was held regarding potential speakers for the upcoming event in October.  Shontrai will follow up with Lisa so that some type of decision is reached regarding speakers.

Social Committee: 
Shontrai and members discussed the April wine tasting event.  This will be held on April 28 and reservations are at capacity.  Diana presented a brochure which listed the wines being presented and asked if the group felt this would be an item to consider for the event.  She also asked if the group felt balloons should be added to make the event more festive.  All were in agreement that both items would be valuable.  Alex presented the cost of utilizing PayPal which hadn’t been considered in the budget.  Diana felt Advancement would pay this $50 fee if needed.

Membership Committee:
Sylvia reported that the graduation fair to solicit membership was a great success.  The individuals who signed up liked the school pins that were given with membership and the discounted fee was helpful.  Alex once again suggested that members consider funding a marketing project within the department of management to promote PAC and hopefully increase membership.  This idea was discussed and a decision made to pursue this option.

Purdue Clubs
Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present.  Tom Mavronicles informed the group of a couple events being hosted by PA in the near future.

Purdue Club NWI:  Tom reminded the group of the Coaches Caravan to be held June 18, at the Radisson.  This is a different format than in the past.  The Club’s Book Scholarship event will take place at the Schererville BW3’s on June 7.

Purdue Club ChicagoAlex Fenske reported on the Chicago club activities.  He stated the reservations for the golf outing were going well.  PCC has an event is planned to sell rooftop tickets to the Cubs game which Matt Painter will a guest.  Alex stated that Regional PA Elections will be held and the PCC is encouraging members to vote for Nick Sickler.  This can be done online.

Diana spoke about the Indianapolis alumni event at the Benjamin Harris Presidential Site on June 20.  There will be a reception with Chancellor Keon attending and updating alumni on Purdue Calumet programs. The Porter County Alumni event will take place on July 26 at Taltree and she encouraged board members to attend.  Diana also reminded everyone of the Dean’s Giving Appeal mailing which went out in mid-March and encouraged board members to make a gift to the school or department.  Telephone follow up calls will be made in the next month from students.

A motion was made at 8:07 PM by Alex to adjourn.  This was seconded by Donna.  All were in favor.