Sept 2011 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Purdue Alumni Calumet
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 20, 2011 

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell A. Carey, Alex Fenske, Shontrai Irving, Donna Lail, Tom Mavronicles, Sylvia Planer, Mary C. Shields, Tom Szczepanski, Diana Virijevich, Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington 

Guest:  Dan Hendricks 

Absent:   Sheryl Corey, Jennifer Dinell, Robert E. Johnson III, George Kopanakis, Chad Johnson, Lisa Sargent, Natalie Shadowen 

Welcome:  The meeting was called to order by Tom Mavronicles at 6:40.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by Tom. 

Dan Hendricks updated the group on recent University activities.  He stated that the Alumni Leaders night is expected to go well and they will have an individual honored who came all the way from Bangkok and others who will travel a distance as well.  Dan also discussed the September 16 Friday University which was very successful and expects the September 23 to be as well.  He believes that the upcoming Back to School events, which include a barbecue and tours of various areas of the school and the newly renovated building which houses the school restaurant and hotel management, will also be successful.  The renovations made to the old Business Center into the Hospitality Center we made possible by a very generous donation from the Dean White family.  Dan also reviewed the overall plan for adding a total of 11 sports to the program.  He thanked the alumni board members for their involvement in various activities.

 Committee Reports
 Executive Committee:

President’s Report: Tom Mavronicles noted that Sherri Ervin has asked to be suspended from the board.  Tom stated that since she has missed more than (3) consecutive meetings her position would automatically be forfeited and therefore he will accept a resignation for Sherri and she would eligible to reapply at a future date. 

Vice-President’s Report:  George was absent so Tom began discussion of the committee budgets.  Discussion of budgets was tabled as final budgets have not been submitted.  Tom asked that committee leaders submit their budget to George in two weeks (no later than 10/14/11) so that they can be reviewed at the next meeting.  He made a notation that there will be discretionary budget set up for the Executive for items such as plaques and business cards. 

Minutes:  Alex asked that a correction be made to the price of the Blackhawks tickets.  All other corrections have been made and were sent to the members.  A motion was made to approve the meeting minutes by Wendell.  This was seconded by Alex.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.

Financial Report:  Blanca presented the latest financial report received from West Lafayette.  As discussed above, budgets will be discussed at the next meeting.  A motion was made to accept the financial report by Mary.  This was seconded by Donna.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.

Communications CommitteeTom mentioned that the banners will be ordered for placement in key areas of the University.  The budget has been submitted and the purchase of additional bags/other giveaways to hand out at selected events will be taken out of this budget.

New Alumni Committee:
Donna Lail reviewed activities of her committee.  Move-in day went well with the bags distributed.  There are approximately 100 left.  Donna will be in contact with the 74 student organizations to try to elicit their interest in the PAC.  She will be sending out a survey and letter to these organizations. 

Professional Development Committee:
Lisa was not present so the information about the Platinum Speaker event was given by Tom.  The event will take place on October 24, 2011 from 6-8pm. 

Social Committee:
Shontrai informed the members that he is in contact with the IU Alumni social chair and will explore a potential joint event which would include alumni and their families.  He will update as he gathers further information.  The Social Committee will sponsor money for Purdue Club of Northwest Indiana’s Scholarship fund through their Fall Diner event.

Membership Committee:
Doug was not in attendance but had suggested that PAC utilize the PUMA organization to create a marketing project to promote PAC was made.  Discussion followed.  The committee budget might be able to fund a project for this group to benefit PAC.

Purdue Clubs

Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present to report. 

 Purdue Club NWI:  Tom reviewed that Leroy Keys would be the speaker for the Tiebels annual dinner for the NWI club.  A motion was made by Shontrai to support the $200 donation for the NWI scholarship fund at this event.  The motion was seconded by Sylvia.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.  He also stated there would be a game watch at BW3’s in Crown Point on October 15, 2011. 

 Purdue Club ChicagoAlex Fenske reported on the Chicago club activities.  He said the group is seeking ideas for a new logo to represent their club.  Alex reviewed the Chicago future events.  The networking events have been going well and he feels they have had success especially when two or more Big 10 clubs combine for these.

Diana reviewed the upcoming weekend activities for Back to School and encouraged board members to attend.  Tours of different areas of the school would be offered.  She also mentioned that the Chancellor’s Appeal would be sent in the mail soon and all board members would be receiving this.

A motion was made by Wendell to adjourn at 8:40pm.  This was seconded by Alex.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.