March 2011 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Purdue Alumni Calumet
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell A. Carey, Jennifer Dinell, Sherri Ervin, Shontrai Irving, George Kopanakis, Tom Mavronicles, Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington, Mike Moskalick, Douglas Ollie, Sylvia Planer, Lisa Sargent, Mary C. Shields, Natalie Shadowen, Tom Szczepanski, Sheryl Corey and Diana Virijevich.

Absent:   Alex Fenske, Chad Johnson, Robert Johnson III and Barb Synos.
Guest:  Donna Lail.
Welcome:  The meeting was called to order by Tom Mavronicles at 6:57.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by George Kopanakis.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee: 
Tom Mavronicles:  a Guest and the two Board Member Applicants, were introduced.

Vice-Chancellor Dan Hendricks:  Dan welcomed the new board members and thanked the board for their loyalty and dedication to the Purdue Alumni association.  He reported that Tom and Mike attended the Purdue Boilermaker Ball in Indianapolis and the Purdue Alumni Calumet Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Chancellor Cohen who was very touched by the gesture.  Dan thanked Mary Shields who has served on the May Gala Committee and sponsorship committee.  The committee set a goal to raise $100,000.00 for scholarships to honor Chancellor Cohen.  As of this day, over $100,000.00 was raised.  The gala will be held on May 7, 2011.  ViceChancellor Hendricks also shared with the members that Advancement has initiated a project for Purdue Alumni Calumet which will provide a Purdue Calumet mobile app which alumni will be able to download for free.  This is currently in process.

President’s Report: Tom opened the meeting with the voting of two new board members: Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington and Natalie Shadowen.  Both applicants and guest left the room during the voting.  Mike Moskalick made a motion to elect Dr. Merrill-Washington and Natalie Shadowen to the board.  Doug Ollie seconded the motion. All were in favor with no discussion, none were opposed – motion carried.  Second order business was the proposed changes to the Constitution and By Laws that started in the February meeting.  After a brief review of the agreed changes, Mike Moskalick made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Doug Ollie.  All were in favor with no discussion, none were opposed – motion carried.   

 Vice President’s Report:  George read the PAC Job Descriptions for Board of Directors.  Tom noted the agreed changes from the February meeting.  After a brief discussion, Mike Moskalick made a motion to accept the PAC Board Member job description, with Doug Ollie seconded the motion.  All were in favor with no discussion, none were opposed – motion carried.  All members were asked to sign the back of the form and turn in to Diana Virijevich. 

 Minutes:  Minutes for the February, 2011 meeting were reviewed by members prior to meeting and these were available for review.  Mike motioned to approve the minutes.  This was seconded by Wendell Carey.  Wendell asked for corrections of adding him to the Membership and Professional Development Committees.  Mike re-motioned for the minutes to be approved with correction as requested by Wendell.  This was seconded by Doug.  All were in favor with no discussion, none were opposed – motion carried.

 Financial Report:  Blanca distributed the financial report dated February 28, 2011 as received from West Lafayette.  She also distributed the “unofficial” report showing committee expenditures and balances.  Current balance of the account was listed as $17,311.28.  She made note of the one additional item which was added for the Domain name registration in the amount of $26.79.  She also noted that there are two pending items to be added which are the plaque for Chancellor Cohen as well as the gift membership for Patti Cohen.  Mike made a motion to approve the minutes as presented and was seconded by Mary Shields.  All were in favor with no discussion, none were opposed – motion carried.

 Communications Committee:  Robert Johnson III
Robert was not present.  Tom stated that there no new activities except the information already discussed by Vice Chancellor Hendricks regarding the Purdue Calumet mobile app.. 

New Alumni Committee:  Mike Moskalick
There was nothing new to report regarding the New Alumni Committee.  A discussion followed regarding the Spring Graduation Party which will be held at Jalapenos.  Potential dates were reviewed.  Mike will work with Sheryl Corey to secure a date and plan this event.

Professional Development Committee:  Lisa Sargent
Lisa updated the members on the Platinum Speakers Series.  She now has five speakers for the event. She encouraged board members to be present.  Members should RSVP online.

Social Committee:  George Kopanakis
George reported that no event have been planned to date.  He asked that the members consider any events that they might suggest and to contact him for these.

Membership Committee:  Doug Ollie
Doug reviewed ideas which were discussed at the last committee meeting.  Tom asked that Doug create a proposal after reviewing these proposals, summarize them and present them at the next board meeting.

Purdue Clubs
Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson was not present to report activities.  Mike discussed his proposal for representation of the regional campuses.  He explained his rationale.  George indicated that he felt PAC should be next in line for representation.  Mike stated his proposal was based on what he felt was fair according to what campus was represented and what campus would end their representation or has recently ended their representation.  Some discussion followed.  Mike will have a conference call in the near future regarding this.  A clarification was made to let the members know that anyone could attend a PA Board Meeting as a guest.

 Purdue Club NWI:  Tom Szczepanski:
Tom reminded members of the dinner and scholarship event to be held in Valparaiso, on April 20, 2011 at 6 pm, featuring the “Bug Man.”

Purdue Club Chicago:  Alex Fenske
Alex was at a PCC event.  Tom reported that the two Purdue Club partners and PAC are planning another Tri-Sponsored Networking Event in mid to late spring in a south Chicago suburb with PCC taking the lead this time.  More information will follow at the April meeting.  PCC is hosting their prime scholarship fund-raiser, their annual Golf Outing at Balmoral CC at noon on June 10th.

Advancement:  Diana Virijevich   
Diana informed the members that the mentorship program has been updated and asked that members consider being a mentor.  She mentioned that the U.S. Road Sports organization had approached her about an upcoming Half Marathon event.  Perhaps this can be reviewed for next year.  She also mentioned that the Indianapolis group continues to gain popularity and the office of development is pursuing the group in Porter County.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 by Wendell Carey.  This was seconded by Mike Moskalick.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.