June 2011 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Purdue Alumni Calumet
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 In Attendance:  Blanca Aranda, Wendell A. Carey, Sheryl Corey, Jennifer Dinell,  Shontrai Irving, Chad Johnson, Robert E. Johnson III (via phone), Tom Mavronicles, Michael J. Moskalick, Douglas Ollie, Sylvia Planer, Lisa Sargent, Mary C. Shields, Tom Szczepanski, Diana Virijevich, and Dr. Victoria Merrill-Washington

 Absent:   Sherri Ervin, Alex Fenske, and George Kopanakis
Guests:  Phillip Mann (student government), Dan Mohammad (student ambassador)
Welcome:  The meeting was called to order by Tom Mavronicles at 6:36.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by Tom M as George was absent.

Tom Mavronicles:  Tom introduced Phillip Mann who presented a proposal for student discount cards.   His request was to have the PAC contribute to purchasing the cards.  No decision was made that time to assist with this project but was referred to the New Alumni Committee for consideration.

 Committee Reports

 Executive Committee:
President’s Report: Tom Mavronicles reviewed a slide presentation outlining the activities of the committees in 2010/2011 and proposed Spring 2011/2012 budget plans.  These summaries are outlined below under Committee Reports. 

Vice-President’s Report:  George was not present for his report.

Minutes:  The minutes from the last meeting (April) were distributed to the members prior to the meeting.  A motion was made to accept the meeting minutes by Jennifer.  This was seconded by Wendell.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.

Financial Report:  Blanca presented the financial report from both April and May with the latest (May) balance of $14,112.54.  April’s balance was $16,138.48.  Blanca also shared the May 31, 2011 PAC Treasurer’s Report listing the breakdown of expenses and budgets for each committee.  A listing was also provided of expenses paid by the Office of Advancement totaling $10,906.29.  A motion was made by Jennifer to accept the April financial report from West Lafayette and was then seconded by Wendell.  All were in favor; none were opposed.  A motion was made by Mike to accept the May financial report.  This was seconded by Jennifer.  All were in favor; none were opposed.

Communications CommitteeIn the past fiscal year, this committee made a decision not to replace the Indianapolis and Kennedy Ave PAC/PUC/COH Banners that have been taken from those street locations.  Communication items including plastic cups with the alumni logo on it and T-shirts featuring the “Are you PACN” slogan were distributed to a number of individuals at various events.  An updated email listing of approximately 4000 alumni was received from the Office of Advancement to help with communications from the PAC.  The office of Advancement adopted and purchased a mobile application for use on smart phones that is expected to be a popular means of future communication.  Tom M requested that Committee purchase logoed banners to posted in the SULB building and for various PAC and PUC Athletic Events and co-partner with Membership Committee on purchase and distribution of these items. Mary Shields has accepted responsibility for leading the Communications Committee for the upcoming year.  Members of this committee include Robert Johnson (current leader) and Blanca Aranda.

New Alumni Committee:
Mike Moskalick led the committee and this past year coordinated the Graduation parties with the help of Sheryl Corey.  He thanked Sheryl for her help and support in making these successful events.  Discussion followed regarding whether to reinitiate the Student Delegate Program.  Tom suggested that on a quarterly basis, the Board invite leadership from each major student organization to discuss their planned activities and how PAC can interact.  Donna Lail will begin has accepted responsibility for leading the New Alumni Committee for the new year.  Sheryl Corey will assist with this committee as will Jennifer Dinell.  Donna led a discussion about PAC hosting a reception on University Village move-in day(s).  This would entail Board members being to assist in students moving in and providing a logoed item (shopping bag) to the students and providing refreshments.  Donna and Sheryl will gather prices of the bags and refreshments and present to Tom within the next two weeks and then Tom will email the BOD Members a request for approval for budget expenditure for those items shortly thereafter.

Professional Development Committee:
Lisa reported on activities this past year.  She felt that the “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” was successful but would like to see more attendance.  Lisa will Co-Chair the committee with Victoria and members will include Shontrai, Robert, Jennifer, Wendell, and Sylvia.  The new committee will meet at Panera Bread in Merrillville at 6 pm on August 9, 2011.  The new fiscal year plan is to hold both the Platinum Speakers Series and Alumni Leaders Day Conference.

Social Committee: 
George led the social committee with the help of Tom M., Tom S, and Alex.  A networking event was held at Gino’s and was well attended.  Several ideas of future events were discussed with the next planned event being a Purdue Football Watch Party on the second weekend of September and will include PCC, PCNWI and PAC as hosts.  Shontrai will chair the committee in the new year and will be assisted by Jennifer, Alex, Victoria, Lisa and both Toms.

Membership Committee:
A summary of a number of suggestions that could spur increased PAC membership were reviewed by Doug.  The committee was formed later in the year so no projects had been completed to date.  Doug hopes to partner with the athletic department for some opportunities of alumni to shadow athletes or coaches.  Tom M asked that the committee focus and accomplish a couple of key projects for the upcoming year including partnering with the Communications Committee on posting and distributing logoed items at designated events.  Doug will chair this committee with the help of Tom S., Wendell, Chester and Sylvia.

Tom M asked that all committees were to prepare a tentative budget to be presented at the next board meeting in August.

Purdue Clubs
Purdue Alumni:  Chad Johnson reported on the upcoming Purdue Alumni events for the new year including Alumni Weekend in September and the Boilermaker Ball in February of 2012.  Chad also reviewed the various football related events that PA is hosting this year. 

Mike Moskalick reviewed the appointments of regional representatives who will serve a three year term.  They are as follows:  Purdue North Central 2012 (July); IUPUI July 2015; PAC July 2018.  A new President, Harris Deter was elected to the board in May.  Mike was thanked for serving as our representative.

Purdue Club NWI:  Tom Szczepanski reported on the club activities.  The Spring luncheon was a success.  The group will be attending a Rail Cats game and tickets are nearly sold out for this event.

 Purdue Club ChicagoAlex Fenske was not able to attend the meeting. Tom M stated that PCC continues to have a monthly networking event in 3 Chicago Area locations.  Their annual Scholarship Golf Outing is being held in this month at Balmoral Country Club in Crete IL.

Diana mentioned that Purdue Calumet would have a booth at the Lake County Fair in August and hopes to have representation from the board members at the booth.  There are four hour blocks of time slots that need to be filled.  She reviewed the acquisition of the Crib Sheet (Mobile Application) which hopefully will be a good means of communication in the future.  This application is free of charge.  Diana discussed activities of Back to School Saturday and asked that members attend some or all of the events.

A motion was made by Wendell Carey to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 PM.  This was seconded by Jennifer Dinell.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.