May 2010 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In attendance:  Wendell Carey, Dan Hendricks, Jennifer Humpfer, Robert Johnson III, Amy Kovacs, Tom Mavronicles, Mike Moskalick, Lisa Sargent, and Tom Szczepanski

Absent:  Chad Johnson, George Kopanakis, Orlando Garcia, Kristin (Harkin) Jurczak, Douglas Ollie (Proxy Vote given to Mike M.), Sylvia Planer (Proxy Vote given to Tom M.), Adrienne Gomez, Mary C. Shields, Barb Synos, and Diana Virijevich

 I. Welcome

Meeting called to order at 6:40 by Jennifer Humpfer.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by Tom Mavronicles.

 II.  Committee Reports

  1. Executive Committee
    1. President’s Report: Jennifer stated that the next meeting with be the annual board meeting.  Tom M. stated he wanted every committee head to prepare a brief presentation about what their committee has done this fiscal year and what they plan to do for the next year.  Jennifer also informed the group that Doug requested that Mike represent him as proxy for voting and Sylvia requested that Tom M represent her as a proxy for voting.   
    2. Minutes:  Jennifer asked if members had a chance to review the minutes and were there any corrections to the April 13, 2010 meeting minutes.  Tom M. made a motion to accept the minutes with the requested corrections.  Mike seconded the motion.  All present were in favor. 
    3. Treasurer’s Report:  Barb was unavailable to give the financial report because she was absent and there wasn’t a financial report available.  It was discussed that it wasn’t appropriate for Barb to have to put together two separate financial reports with PAC funds and not Advancement or West Lafayette funds.  It was also discussed that starting with the meeting in June we will approve the previous month’s financial report due to the bad timing of the distribution of the financial report. 
  2. Communication Committee
    1. Updates:  Robert stated that we now have access to the Vertical Response System.  He also stated that we need to start utilizing the system as much as possible.  He suggested creating “Thank You” templates.  Overall, Robert noted that we need to find ways to use this system as much as possible.
  3. New Alumni Committee
    1. Graduation Party:  Mike stated that the graduation party is all set to go for Thursday.  There are about 120 expected for attendance.  Robert stated using the email system to thank them for coming and to congratulate them on their achievement. 
    2. Student delegates:  Amy stated that due to financial troubles there were scheduled PACSD activities.  She asked if the Board would like to continue have PACSD group.  Mike noted that he has some funds, but not much to keep it going.  If we decide to keep PACSD, we need to do something soon to start promotions.  Dan stated that he didn’t want to see this group fall through due to finances, and will find some funding through advancement to keep the group alive. 
  4. Professional Development
    1. Lisa reported that she will be meeting with Diana soon in order to get things rolling for Alumni Leaders Day.  Lisa isn’t exactly sure about all that is involved with this event as she didn’t head this event last year (Lauren Trumbo did).  A few of them members provide some of the items that Lauren took care of such as the pamphlets, ordering food, etc.  Overall, everyone noted that Diana was the person to talk with in regards to the tasks that Lisa would need to complete. 
  5. Social Committee
    1. Tom reported activities in George’s absence.  Coopers Hawk Winery wine tasting event will be held on May 22, 2010 is being hosted by the Purdue Club of Chicago, Purdue Club of Northwest Indiana and Purdue Alumni Calumet.  He encouraged all members to attend and to register as soon as possible.  To date 17 total have reserved, but only 3 from PAC.
    2. Alumni Event for University Weekend:  These details have not been finalized but will be combined with the University Weekend events.  Tom noted that there will be a time available between 4 and 6 on Saturday during University Weekend for PAC to host an event.  Tom pointed out that during his meetings about his event it was suggested that PAC host a talent show with judges and awards.  If anyone has any other ideas, please let contact Tom or George. 
  6. Purdue Clubs
    1. Purdue Club NWI
      1. Tom Szczepanski reported that they had a successful spring dinner at Teibles.  About 200 people attended the event.  Tom S. also stated that on June 16th there will be a scholarship fundraiser at BW3’s in Schererville called “Wings ‘N Things.”
    2. Purdue Club Chicago
      1. Tom M. reported on behalf of Michael Shultz.  He stated that Purdue Club of Chicago has many activities planned and to look at the agenda for the listing of events.
  7. Purdue Alumni
    1. Chad Johnson was absent and unable to give a report.
  8. Advancement
    1. Friday University:  Dan gave a summary of all that has occurred with the meetings in regards to Friday University.  There will be about 3 or 14 classes offered and a brochure is being created to list all of the available classes.  There will be 5 to 7 classes offered at the same time in the morning, then lunch, then 5 to 7 classes in the afternoon.  Friday University will kick off the day after Alumni Leaders Day. 
    2. Memberships:  Dan is trying to get a group of Purdue people in Indianapolis.  Diana knows more about the details.  On June 24th, there will be an event hosted by Purdue and Dan hopes that some of the board will be able to attend.  Memberships are being pushed and some information will available to new graduates at graduation. 
    3. Miscellaneous:  Tom M. stated that he would like PAA to have its annual meeting at PUC.  Tom M believes this would be a great opportunity for both PAA and PUC.  Mike responded that PAA may not be inclined to have one here, but he will still ask on behalf of PUC.  Lisa questioned why PAA wouldn’t want the meeting at PUC?  Mike responded there are logistical issues for PA to hold off West Lafayette Campus meeting and with a heavy percentage being West Lafayette Graduates they may not see the value of coming to the PUC campus for the meeting.  Tom M. stated that we should still request that one of PAA Board Meetings is held here.  Mike responded that he just wanted everyone to understand that there are obstacles in hosting a meeting but he will surely extend PUC’s offer.  Wendell stated that we shouldn’t assume anything and push forth for a formal request.  Dan suggested that we draft a proposal letter, that he and Chancellor Cohen would sign, that will showcase the reason why coming to PUC would be a great thing. 

III.   Announcements

No announcements

Adjournment:  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm by Mike.  This was seconded by Robert.  All present were in favor – motion carried and meeting was adjourned.

Next Board Meeting:  June 8, 2010 – Annual Alumni Invitational

Upcoming Events:

September 2 – Student Convocation, 1-2 PM

September 23-25 – University Weekend (Alumni Leaders Day, Friday University, Saturday Events)


Action Items:

– Dan will draft a letter with Chancellor Cohen stated the reasons why PAA should consider having their annual meeting at PUC. 

–  Mike will submit the request to PAA.