April 2010 PAC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April  13, 2010

In attendance:  Tom Mavronicles, Mike Moskalick, Barb Synos, Douglas Ollie, Lisa Sargent, Diana Virijevich, Adrienne Gomez, Mary C. Shields, Tom Szczepanski

Absent:  Jennifer Humpfer, Wendell Carey, Chad Johnson, George Kopanakis, Orlando Garcia, Robert Johnson III, Kristin (Harkin) Jurczak, Amy Kovacs, Sylvia Planer

I. Welcome

Meeting called to order at 7:10 by Tom Mavronicles who presided in Jennifer Humpfer’s absence.  The PAC Mission Statement was read by Tom Mavronicles.

II. Regional Representative 

This agenda item was addressed later in the agenda

III. Committee Reports 

  1. Executive Committee
    1. President’s Report 
      1. Tom M. reported that in keeping with PAC by-laws there would need to be an annual meeting that was held and be open to all current PAC members in good standing.  Tom suggested the June 8 monthly board meeting be the date for this meeting.  Mike Moskalick made a motion that the June 8, 2010 board meeting be the annual open meeting date.  This motion was seconded by Adrienne Gomez.  All present were in favor – motion carried.  Tom informed the group that Jennifer requested he represent her as proxy for voting.   
      2. Minutes: Tom asked if members had a chance to review the minutes and were there any corrections to the March 9, 2010 meeting minutes.  Mike asked that the minutes be corrected to reflect that he voted “nay” to the motion made by George of tabling the financial report until requested changes are made to the statement.  Doug also wished the minutes to reflect that he also voted “nay” to the motion.  Mike made a motion to accept the minutes with the requested corrections.  Doug seconded the motion.  All present were in favor. 
    2. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Due to Barb Synos after the meeting started the Treasurer’s report was reviewed after the committee reports.  Barb presented the treasurer’s report to members.  Discussion followed regarding a prior request by George about reflection of committee financial status.  Barb clarified her role in reporting the financial statement of PAC current financial status.  Mike reviewed last month’s discussion about the financial statement.  After a lengthy discussion, Mike made a motion to accept the financial statement as submitted by Barb.  This motion was seconded by Adrienne.  Seven members were in favor, one was opposed (Lisa Sargent), motion was carried.  Mike M. requested that Diana to bring a financial statement of expenditures paid by the Development Office so that the members could review expenditures of each committee that is being financed by that office for a better reflection of the status of each committee.  Diana was agreeable to provide this information.  Barb informed the board members that if they wished to have her prepare a combined statement of PAC and Development financial expenditures she does not wish to remain as Treasurer. 
  2. Communication Committee
    1. Harvesting Emails and Email List Service:  Diana reported that the Development office will utilize Vertical Response for “email blasting.”  Mike questioned the cost of this service.  Diana stated this was a free service to non-profit organization and that the West Lafayette campus is working to secure this vendor.
    2. Updates:  No further updates
  3. New Alumni Committee
    1. Graduation Party:  Mike reported that the graduation party will be held on May 13, 2010 at Northwoods from 6-9:30pm.  He encouraged all Board Members to attend.
    2. Student delegates:  No report at this time
  4. Professional Development
    1.  Lisa reported that the April 5, 2010 event went well with 43 individuals attending.  She thanked all speakers and Peggy Gerard for supporting the event by having nursing students in attendance.  The event was televised on Lakeshore News at 9pm as well as in the newspaper.
  5. Social Committee
    1. Tom reported activities in George’s absence.  Coopers Hawk Winery wine tasting event will be held on May 22, 2010 is being hosted by the Purdue Club of Chicago, Purdue Club of Northwest Indiana and Purdue Alumni Calumet.  He encouraged all members to attend and to register as soon as possible.  To date 17 total have reserved, but only 3 from PAC.
    2. Alumni Event for University Weekend:  These details have not been finalized but will be combined with the University Weekend events.
  6. Purdue Clubs
    1. Purdue Club NWI
      1. Tom Szczepanski reported that 150 had reserved for the Teibels event on April 21, 2010.  The PAC is donating $250 towards this event.  The Railcats event will not be until next June.  On June 16th there will be a scholarship fundraiser at BW3’s in Schererville called “Wings ‘N Things.”
    2. Purdue Club Chicago
      1. Tom M. reported on behalf of Michael Shultz.  He reminded members of the May 22 wine tasting event.  On May 2, 2010 there are still spots available for the Cubs game. The annual meeting would be held June 3, 2010.  A golf outing will be held on June 11, 2010. 
  7. Purdue Alumni
    1. Chad Johnson called prior the start of the board meeting and indicated that there was nothing to report on at this time.
  8. Advancement
    1. Friday University
      1. Barb gave a summary of the activities.  She stated the cost of the classes had been decided.  Classes would be $35 for those enrolling in one Friday and $60 for two Fridays.  Alumni would receive a $5 discount and pay $30 and $55 respectively.  The committee did not receive a great response from professors.  This may have been due to a communication issue.  Diana will send a letter out to those professors who have been nominated or received awards as outstanding professors.   
    2. Alumni/Family Weekend
      1. As discussed previously, the Alumni/Family weekend will be held with fun family type events including an Open House, children’s games, free throw challenges, picnic/food, etc.  This will be held in conjunction with the alumni event later that evening.  The activities will be on a Saturday from 12-4pm.
    3. Memberships
      1. Diana explained activities that she is involved with to engage alumni both in obtaining more memberships and from a development status in securing donations.  She and others in her office are traveling to update alumni on activities on campus and elicit memberships, donations.  She will be sending out a mailing of approximately 1200 for potential members, expired members and other targeted groups to try to gain more memberships.

IV.   Announcements

No announcements

Adjournment  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm by Adrienne.  This was seconded by Mike.  All present were in favor – motion carried and meeting was adjourned.

Next Board Meeting  Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Upcoming Events:

April 20, 2010-Grad Fair, SUL

May 13, 2010-Grad Party at Northwoods

May 16, 2010-Commencement

May 22, 2010-Coopershawk Wine Tasting, Orland Park

June 8, 2010-Annual Board Meeting Room with a View

September 2, 2010-Student Convocation, 1-2 pm

September 23-25, 2010-University Weekend (Alumni Leaders Day, Friday University, Saturday Events)

Action Items

–  Diana will send an email to all members at the beginning of May announcing the meeting.  She will also check on the availability of the “Room with a View.”

–  March meeting minutes are to be corrected with requested “nay” votes noted.

–  Diana will present a summary of expenditures paid out of the Development office budget which are made for committee activities so that the members have a more complete understanding of committee expenditures.

–  Diana will send $250 donation for PC of NWI for the Spring Dinner on April 21, from the Social Committee budget.

–  Friday University Committee will make attempt to secure professors for this offering by targeting certain professors.