Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ALERT ME?
A: ALERT ME is a mass notification tool that enables the University to make emergency notification announcements to students, faculty, staff, family and community members.

Q: What type of messages, and how much information will ALERT ME transmit?
A: ALERT ME will communicate to subscribers’ cell phones brief text messages—up to 120 characters—that relate to circumstances and/or conditions that may interrupt normal campus operations. Subscribers who receive ALERT ME messages will be instructed to go to the Purdue Calumet home page for more details about the alert.

Q: Who can enroll to receive ALERT ME messages?
A: All students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive email alerts to their PUC-provided email address. Through the ALERT ME web page, campus individuals also may “opt in” to receive text messages via their cellular provider. Additionally, there is a link on the ALERT ME web page that contains a form family members can use to list their contact information. PUC then will add those individuals to the ALERT ME service.

Q: How/where do I enroll?
A: At the Purdue Calumet web site, access the ALERT ME icon on the home page, then click “Sign me up.” The ALERT ME URL is You also can access ALERT ME from Emergency Preparedness and University Police web pages.

Q: After I enroll, when can I expect ALERT ME to alert me?
A: After you enroll you can send yourself a test text message by selecting Test Messages in the Alert Me side bar. Parents and community members will receive a test text message when they sign up. You then will receive messages when the PUC administration determines that ALERT ME notification is appropriate—such as in the event of a campus power outage, challenging weather that is prompting a decision to close campus, or other campus closure-related reasons.

Q: What will it cost me to enroll in ALERT ME?
A: Enrollment costs nothing. The cost of receiving ALERT ME text messages is contingent on the text messaging agreement you have with your cellular provider.

Q: What if my contact information changes after I have enrolled in ALERT ME?
A: You can record the changes at the ALERT ME URL.

Q: Who will authorize transmission of an ALERT ME message?
A: Campus administrative leadership will do so.

Q: What other ways can students gain emergency/crisis-related information relating to our campus?
A: The Purdue Calumet web site — — is intended to be the most current and comprehensive source of critical information. ALERT ME messages will be detailed and updated on our web site with the most complete information available. Additionally, Northwest Indiana and Chicago radio & TV stations will be informed whenever decisions are made to interrupt PUC operations. On campus and at the Academic Learning Center in Merrillville, the PUC community also will be informed via public address announcements within buildings, electronic message boards, and various signage.

Q: Why was ALERT ME selected rather than another text messaging service?
A: Although a case can be made for various text messaging services, the ALERT ME service, we believe, best satisfies our objective of subscribers receiving crucial PUC messages in a timely manner.