Transferring Credit from other Institutions

  1. Applicants who have attended another college or university must submit official transcript(s) and pay a $30.00 Transcript Evaluation Fee (included in the Transfer Student Admission Application fee).
  2. Purdue University Calumet accepts all credit from regionally accredited institutions for college level classes in which the student has received a grade of C- or better.
  3. Transfer students must have a C average and appropriate subject matter preparation to be admitted to a degree-seeking status.
  4. Transfer courses will be evaluated by an Academic Advisor on an individual basis by program of study to determine how credits will apply towards plan of study and graduation requirements.
  5. Purdue University Calumet accepts a maximum of 90 credits toward a baccalaureate degree from other regionally accredited colleges and universities.


How will my credits transfer over to Purdue University Calumet?

Students and faculty are able to view established transfer course credits through our Online Transfer Equivalency System.  This system compares Purdue University Calumet course credits with that of other colleges and universities. If a course(s) is not listed in the report, this does not mean that the course is not accepted, it simply means that this course has not yet been articulated.

Transfer credit is subject to departmental acceptance and distribution and equivalencies can be changed at any time.

The distribution and applicability of equivalencies and UND credit toward your degree requirements are determined by the academic department responsible for your major.

Only course credit is transferable – not grades.

If you are a current Purdue Calumet student and want to enroll in college courses outside of Purdue Calumet, you must get your academic advisor’s approval through the CTR4 Form. Follow the instructions on the form to transfer the credits. 

Use the Online Transfer Equivalency System

How to Read the Transfer Credit Equivalency Report

Transfer IN

Purdue University Calumet supports and encourages prospective transfer students to visit the Indiana Commissions of Higher Education Transfer Indiana website to view the Core Transfer Library (CTL) — a list of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades.


Will my Military credit transfer to Purdue University Calumet?

Students can receive college credit for active duty service by submitting a copy of the DD214, preferably with their application for admission. The DD214 isn’t required for admissions but is necessary for credit consideration. With submission of a DD214 showing at least 6 months of active duty, a range of 4-8 Military undistributed (UND) credits will be awarded. Students submitting a DD214 with less than six months active service are ineligible to receive college credit.

ACE credits (American Council on Education) are accepted as transfer credit by Purdue University Calumet. You may discuss departmental credit options with your Academic Advisor.