Student Ambassadors 07-08

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Mission Statement

Assist Purdue University Calumet in promoting educational access to prospective students by showcasing student success, peer assistance and general community awareness.

Who, What, and Where

Purdue Calumet Ambassadors are selected Purdue University Calumet’s students who donate their time to Purdue University Calumet.

“Student Ambassadors gain organization status”

Purdue Calumet Ambassadors assist the university by serving as tour guides, peer recruiters, official greeters, tele-counselors, ushers, public speakers, role models and testimonials of student success.

The events that the Purdue Calumet Ambassadors assist at are: View Purdue Calumet (Open House), campus tours, scholarship and other recognition dinners, information, stations on campus, college fairs, community events, high school/college visits, career fairs and commencements.




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