About the ADA Committee

ADA Advisory Committee

The ADA Advisory Committee’s primary charge is to provide campus-wide oversight of Purdue Calumet’s compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA non-employment and employment provisions. To accomplish this charge the Committee will:

  • Review products and services that are necessary to meet compliance requirements.
  • Keep the University Administration apprised of those products and services, and recommend when funding is needed to maintain them and the amount of funding necessary whether on a recurring or non-recurring basis.
  • Make recommendations to the University Administration regarding the best methods of dissolving/addressing barriers that inhibit access to any University services, programs, products or accommodations.
  • Maintain contact with West Lafayette through attendance at meetings, presentations or whatever means necessary to obtain information and stay current with compliance issues.

ADA Advisory Committee Members

  • Dr. Sarah Howard, Vice Chancellor Information Systems
  • John Feeney, Facilities
  • Sherrie Kristin, Enterprise Systems
  • Kimberly Trajkovski, Office of Disabilities Resources
  • Paul Pratt, Facilities
  • David McLees, College of Technology
  • Ralph Ocon, CSOL
  • Rebecca Stankowski, LASS
  • Mark Popa, CTIS
  • Lynn Riddle, Nursing
  • Tamra Bottomlee, Riley Child Care Center

ADA Compliance Officer

Linda Knox
Office of Equity and Diversity
Lawshe Hall, Room 231
Phone: 219-989-3169