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Edward Furticella
Welcome to the Department of Accounting at Purdue University Calumet. We are here to serve YOU. For you as a student, the School of Management offers many different majors; namely, Accounting, Finance, MIS, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, MBA, MACC and many other majors and minors.

The Department of Accounting offers the following programs:


  1. Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  2. Bachelor of Management (Accounting)
  3. Master of Accountancy
  4. Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation Certificate

All these programs provide high quality applied education that is relevant to the state of the economy in the USA and internationally. As a result, our graduates have many career opportunities, including working on public accounting firms, private industries, government, and non-for-profit organizations. Our alumni are very successful and serving the accounting area very well.

Our faculty members are qualified, innovative, and dedicated to providing the most relevant education to our students. Their research activities are tailored to meeting the needs of practitioners. Additionally, our faculty members are published in the instructional (learning & pedagogical) arena.

The goal of the Department of Accounting is to develop effective and responsible professionals for entry-level opportunities and long term career success in accounting. Our faculty members strive to excel in teaching in a student-centered environment, supported by research and service contributing to the professional and academic communities at the regional and national levels.

A new program in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation to start this Fall.